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Talented teacher

Anahid is an excellent instructor and is very talented. I am a beginner adult and started taking lessons with her this past year. I have very little musical knowledge/experience, but I always had an interest since childhood. Her methods of teaching are very effective. She not only teaches the content but also is attentive and provides key feedback in terms of technique. I walk away from each class learning something new. Also being a beginner adult, I truly appreciate her patience and kind personality. She also takes the time to get to know her students, which is very nice. I am excited to continue my lessons this year and look forward to working with Anahid!

by Catherine Cao on Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio
Amazing Teacher!

I have been taking lessons with Anahid since last August. It has been a wonderful learning experience. I am an adult learner without any experience with music notes or any other musical instruments at all when I started with her. She understands my goals/needs and tries her best to fit my schedule, and adjusts her teaching to my learning habits. I now can read music notes and play songs written by my favorite musicians. I have been longing for this for a long time!! Definitely would love to recommend her to anyone who are looking for taking up piano seriously:D

Amazing Teacher

I have been taking lessons with Anahid for about half a year. I am an adult learner who had some basic experience when I started with her and in a relatively short period of time I feel much more confident in my playing. She has helped me to refine my practice technique and understand how to play the music expressed by the notes, rather than just the notes themselves.Anahid teaches with a friendly and encouraging style, while also challenging her students to push themselves. With her help I am preparing for an RCM exam this summer and learning more and more complicated pieces. And in the mark of a truly good teacher, I always leave lessons with her able to actually hear how I have improved over the course of the lesson.Anahid is a great teacher and I can confidently recommend her to anyone looking to learn piano!

Piano lessons

I'm a beginning piano student and my experience with Anahid has been great! She strikes a balance between keeping the mood of the lessons friendly and relaxed and at the same time pushing my beyond my comfort zone and inspiring me to learn music that I thought was beyond my level. As other reviews have mentioned, she is open to a student's suggestions about which piece to learn, which is great if you're a classical music fan!

I've been taking piano lessons with Anahid for over a year now with no plan to stop. I'm very happy I found Anahid. I can't say I'm good at piano, but classes are fun and challenging, which is exactly what I was looking for when I signed up. Whether you are an adult or young person, experienced or just starting out, I would highly recommend Anahid.

The best teacher!

Anahid is one of the best piano teacher I've ever studied with. She is very passionate about her job, and enjoys teaching very much. Throughout almost 4 years study with her, I enjoyed every moment. I am an adult student with some basic skills when I started study with Anahid. She understood my background very well and every new piece she gave me was very personalized to train one of the piano playing skills. Because I am a huge fun of classical music, she also considered my opinion on music selection. She often sent me a list of music and asked me which one I want to work next. The way she trained me was also very academic. The pieces I worked on were diversify, from baroque to impression, from Bach to Beethoven to Greg. She kept a good balance between "fun" and "academic style", which made all her lessons both enjoyable, and effective.When study a new piece of music, Anahid was never satisfied with just a play through. This to her is just the first step. We often discuss the music theory behind each piece, as well as the history and the composer. She also gave me a lot room for my interpretation. When I played on the semi-annual performances she held for all of her student each year, I was confident that I was performing, not just playing the right notes. I often saw Anahid teaching younger student. Her attitude was both encouraging and discipline. The satisfaction and proudness on the parents' face were the best approval. It is very sad that I have to move to San Francisco and end my piano journey with her.A good piano teacher is not about how fast he or she can play Liszt's etudes, but what the student can learn from the teacher. A piano lesson shouldn't be just about teaching how to play the right note, but about how to enjoy the music while playing. Anahid belongs to few great teachers that reach those high standards.

Highly recommend Anahid!

My boys struggle at school so I wanted them to try learning something new outside of school that they will feel good about while having fun. I learned the piano when I was a child so I thought they might like it but I knew finding the right instructor was crucial. I'm so happy I found Anahid. She provides a warm, enlightening and fun environment for learning the piano. She is incredibly patient yet she knows just how much to push to make sure they're making progress. The recitals and piano parties she creatively organizes are also great ways to get experience performing, hear other students play, and feel motivated. I highly recommend Anahid especially for children!

Aazing Teacher

Anahid has been teaching our son, Matthew, piano for the past several years. She is a wonderful teacher and has been "instrumental" in inspiring a love of music and piano in our son. Anahid has that rare quality of pushing children to try their best to fulfill their potential, yet doing so in a way that doesn't overwhelm them or cause them to be discouraged. Matthew has gone from just learning how to play a few years ago, to competing in an international piano competition and performing at Carnegie Hall last year! She is an exceptional teacher and has been amazing to work with. She really knows how to relate to our son in an encouraging--yet disciplined--and playful and loving way.

by Tamara Hoover on Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio
Thank you!

My seven year old daughter has been working with Anahid for the past 3+ years. To say that Anahid is amazing, wouldn’t come close. My daughter was deaf until the age of four. However, she let us clearly know that she wanted to play the piano. Unfortunately, no other teacher would even consider taking a four year old deaf girl. We had even tried three or four other teachers, but they just couldn’t handle our daughter. Anahid did.
As the years went on, our daughter was also diagnosed with ADHD. But did that stop Anahid? No. She continued with her saint-like level of professionalism. Recently, my daughter passed the first test of the Royal Conservatory of Music with First Class Honours. I know next year, she’ll be able to pass the second test with Anahid as her teacher. Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Excellent Piano Teacher

I was very lucky to have found Anahid. She is an excellent piano teacher but most important, she is a lovely person, very patient (especially when I am exhausted after work, she's extremely patient!) and sweet. I highly recommend her!

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